Lawyaw vs Essential Forms

Lawyaw is an easy to use cloud based legal drafting platform built by former google engineers, leading attorneys, and top designers. California attorneys have drafted thousands of forms in Lawyaw and are significantly reducing errors and saving 75% of the time they were spending drafting legal documents.

Lawyaw users can combine multiple documents into custom groups for a given project and draft them simultaneously. You only have to enter inputs one-time and the repeated information populates across all of your documents.

Because Lawyaw is often compared to Essential Forms, we thought it would be helpful to point out some of the many differences:

Lawyaw Essential Forms
Annual price (for all Judicial Council and county forms) $59 / month $98 / month
Create custom groups of documents check check
Auto-populates repeated inputs check check
Auto-shrinking Text check check
Automatic form updates check close
Searchable government forms check close
Cloud based check close
Mac / OSX compatible check close
Collaborate with colleagues check close
E-sign check close
Clone client projects check close
Analytics check close
Manage user access to clients check close
Store client files check close
Side-by-side drafting check close
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