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Document assembly streamlines the tedious, annoying, and error prone process of legal drafting, so you can focus on practicing law.

Build your entire court filing in one place

Combine court forms and internal Word documents into custom groups.


All court forms in one place

Search from more than 5,000 up-to-date and fully editable state, county, and local forms, including all California Judicial Council and county court forms.


Add your own internal documents

Upload customized Word and PDF documents.

Populate information across custom groups of documents

Enter information only once and let Lawyaw populate it across your selected documents.


Add your custom fields

Add custom text box fields to court forms and documents.


Auto shrink

As you type, the font size reduces automatically to fit into text areas on forms.

Create template form sets

Create and save bundled templates. Reuse them over and over again.

Include pre-checked boxes and pre-filled text

With form sets you can also create template sets with custom headers, pre-checked checkboxes, and pre-filled text, so you don't have to check the same checkboxes and fill in repetitive information each time.

Collaborate on projects

Easily work together, review projects, and leave notes for colleagues.

Work remotely

Access your files and work on your projects from anywhere.

Cross platform

No need to run virtual machines, install software, or manually update machines. Lawyaw works seamlessly across devices, including Mac & PC.

Sign and send out documents for signature

Sign documents using an image of your original wet-ink signature with Lawyaw’s federally compliant electronic signatures.

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